Why It Is Important To Write an Interesting Introductory Paragraph to Your Essay

There is an immense importance of an introductory paragraph in the essay. It introduces the readers to the essay. With the help of the introductory paragraph, the audience and the reader of the essay become known to what’s coming next, what the essay is all about, what is the reason behind the essay, what the essay writer is writing the essay, what are the aims and objectives of the essay and how the reader should expect the essay to end. The introductory paragraph can thereby be defined as the overall summary of the essay.
There are some rules that need to be followed when the introductory paragraph is being written. It is important that it should promise to engage the readers. It should be writer in a way that it should make the readers read the full essay. The paragraph should be interesting. The adverbs and adjectives need to be used in an appropriate manner in the essay. In addition, it is the introductory paragraph that should raise some questions to the readers. These questions, although will be answered in the rest of the essay but the questions should be put up in the paragraph so the readers keep asking themselves and searching for the answers as they scroll through the essay. Here is a list of some of the main words or phrases that can be used as interesting sentence starters. It is these sentence starters that make the essay more engaging and interesting.

1. The transition list should be used in the sentences. One sentence should lead to the other. Some of the main words that are used for the purpose of transition include ‘moreover’, ‘furthermore’, ‘in addition’, ‘conclusively’, ‘in contrast’, ‘however’, and ‘on the other hand’.

2. When thereis a need to use moreexamples in the sentences, it is important that more words be used. Some of the main words that are used in these cases include ‘especially’,‘as an illustration’, ‘in particular’, ‘this can be seen in’, ‘such as’, ‘chiefly’ and ‘for instance’.

3. When the paragraph is talking about the certain events that have taken place at a certain time in a certain sequence, it also requires the special usage of words. The main words that are used to highlight the events are ‘currently’, ‘immediately’, ‘meanwhile’, ‘eventually’, ‘earlier’, ‘to be sure’, ‘lastly’, ‘additionally’, ‘for now’ and ‘with this in mind’.

4. There is a need thatwords that are more interesting are used when the essay is being summarized or concluded. In these cases, some of the main words that are used include ‘all things considered’, ‘conclusively’, ‘in summary’,‘namely’, ‘finally’, ‘in the long run’,’ therefore’, ‘to sum up’, ‘in essence’, ‘indeed’ and so on.

These are some of the main sentence starters that can be used in the essay in order to make sure that t the essay becomes interesting and more engaging.

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