Homeschooling or Not: A Quick Guide

Quick Guide for Homeschooling
Home schooling or home education is a type of education that children receive by staying at home. Usually the parents are the ones providing the tutoring, but in some cases a tutor can be hired as well. In United States alone there are more than 2.3 million students who were home schooled. In the past there has been a lot of support as well as a lot of criticism for home schooling. There have been numerous occasions in multiple countries around the world that banned home schooling and made it school attendance a law.

But the 2.3 million students in the United States still stand and are being Home schooled. There have been many counts where the anti-home schooling community has tried to raise awareness and promote school going. On the other hand the home schooling community is always adamant that this is the best practice. And when asked about future generations they said that they would home school them as well. So which one of them is right? Well the decision is yours to make, but what we being a dissertation writing services expert can do is list down a few Pros and cons and you will be able to decide for yourself.

  • The foremost and the most important benefit of home schooling is that the education of your child is in your hand. You do not have to follow the curriculum and instructions used by public schools. You can teach whatever you want, however you want and whenever you want. For example, you might feel that your child is good at Math but he is not that good in history. So you can always adjust accordingly and give more time to history and take a little time off of Math. That is where being in control comes in handy.
  • No longer constrained by the schedule that gets imposed on you when your kid is in public school. Usually a lot of Home schooling parents set their own schedule according to the public school schedule so that all the holidays and time outs coincide with the public school kids. But being able to alter the schedule whenever you want is a freedom that a school can never provide. You can go on vacations, plan shopping trips, visit relatives etc. So this is one advantage that cannot be beat.
  • Emotional and physical safety of the child is of course the most important thing. Public schools impose threats such as bullying by other kids and being in harm’s way due to peer pressure, pressure of fitting in and low self esteem. Girls tend to compare themselves with other girls in their class who look apparently prettier in their opinion and their attention is totally driven towards being beautiful. Same nature of issues arises in public schools and things and problems such as these are not entirely monitored by teachers. Drugs and gangs are also a problem that is there in public schools no matter what anyone does for the safety of the students. Home-schooled children do not have to worry about things such as fitting in and they are not under the pressure of competition and they give their best.
  • A home-schooled kid receives complete attention from the teacher or the parent. In a public school there are 20 to 25 kids in the class in an average. All of these students do not get complete one to one attention from their teacher. They spend a lot of time doing unnecessary things because the teacher is not paying attention. A lot of time is wasted in such a scenario. A task that takes hardly an hour for a student to do a task in a focused study session at school can take up to an entire day when he is at school because he does not get the attention.

  • Home schooling can be very draining and stressful for the parents physically and emotionally. If the purpose of keeping your kid at home is not having to getting up in the morning then there will be even more challenges along the way. Parents have to be as prepared as teachers teaching the whole class. The lessons have to be planned giving students a hands-on approach at their stuff. There must be all the important resources present and it can become quite a challenge to provide it all at home.
  • Parents find home schooling expensive. The fees they pay at public schools are then replaced by the investments they have to make at home to provide a good and effective learning environment to the kid at home. When a student goes to a public school, the books that his parents buy for him are not all the books he uses. Some books are very expensive and they are available at the school library, these books are issued to the students and they give it back to the library once used. There are also some equipments and learning resources that must be bought and the education becomes more expensive than public schools. So if the purpose of keeping a child at home is because you want to save money, that purpose can’t be fulfilled.
  • Keeping the kid at home at all times means no personal time and no rest in between. When the kid goes to school, mothers get an opportunity to take a break and they deal with their stuff till the kid is away. Homeschooling means kid overload and that may not be the best idea to not get a break from each other. Being a parent and a teacher both can be difficult and overwhelming.
  • Even though when we ask the parents of a kid who is being homeschooled if they will consider homeschooling again and recommend it and they always say yes, they can’t get everything done at home. Homeschooling limits extracurricular activities for the kid. It gives him no time out and no excitement to reach home at the end of the school day.

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