Does Homework Improve Academic Achievement? A Synthesis Of Research

Homework is a task that is given to the students when they go out of the school, college or university. It can be in the form of an essay, assignment or a research paper. Although, homework is school-guided study, yet it has given to the student by mail or in the class. The basic purpose of conducting homework to the students is to judge the abilities of the student. In this post, we will discuss how homework improves academic achievement.

Review His Learned Work 

An additional advantageous point of writing homework is given an opportunity for the student to review all the lessons that he has learned in the class. When a student makes preparation for his homework, he revises his all content and can cover his syllabus. Doing homework provides a chance to repeat his previous learned skills.

Homework Enhances Instructions 

The best aspect of the homework is its enhancing instructions. For example, when a student was assigned a task that he has to complete at home and has to submit in the next morning, it is sure that he will get help from his parents. So, homework is best source and method to build communications skills in the students. And by this method, parents can judge and get information that what are the important points his children are learning in the school.

Sense of Responsibility 

Learning in the classroom does not offer a sense of responsibility, because, in a classroom students work under a teacher. In the classroom, a student will feel pressure and he has to follow all the instructions that his teacher commands him. But, doing homework improves the sense of responsibility in the students. It is best method to enhance responsible skills in the student. A student is free and can reflect his choice. So, if a student is responsible then he will pay attention to his homework. 

Improves Writing and Reading Skills 

It does not matter which type of homework students is doing. But, it is most essential why a student is doing homework. If a student has assigned a written task then he will improve his writing skills. By getting this chance, a student is able to make creative writing and improve his writing skills. On the other hand, if student is oral learning then this is golden chance to improve and develop his writing as well as reading skills. 

Homework Research 

Homework is a very important and advantageous practice that a student does on daily basis. According to the national assessment of educational progress, over two-thirds of all 9-years old and three-quarters of all 13-17 years olds reported doing some homework every day. Sixteen percent of 9-years olds reported doing more than 1 hours of homework each day and this figure jumped to 37% for 13 years old and 39% for 17 years old. 

Negative Aspects of the Too Much Homework 

However, Modern Research shows that doing too much homework is not good for all the students. Too much homework will affect the students psychically as well as mentally. In this way, a student will cut off from the social activities and he will not able to gain success in life. With the load of too much homework, student will not participate in all physical activities that are most essential for him. So, teachers should give balance homework to the students. They should not give too much homework to the students. If you want to know negative effects of too much homework, you can visit essay writing help.

Friction between Home and School 

Homework creates friction between school and home. When parents know the daily basis work of their children then they protest that homework’s assignment should not be too much easy and too much complex. They also suggest that work should not too much short or too much longer. But doing homework improves the skills of the students and he will able to write and construct high-quality assignments. On the other hand, student should follow the policies and practice of the homework.

Better Retention of Factual Knowledge 

Homework provides a good opportunity for students to increase their understanding of major concepts. If a student does his homework on daily basis then he can get good grades. Along with that, a student can enhance his critical as well as concept formations skills. Homework offers better retention of factual knowledge, therefore, students should conduct a deep research before writing a special topic, for the reason that, a student has leisure time to spend on researching and enhancing his inner skills.

Improves Memory and Thinking Skills 

When a student has assigned to do research on the topic then he will try to do it well in order to gain high grades. This initial trial will help the student to improve his memory as well as thinking skills. In 35 studies, 77% of results have declared that positive skills can be achieved by homework.

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