Why Is It Necessary for Students to Wake Up Early in Morning?

Wake Up Early in Morning
For many people especially night owls, it is very difficult to wake up early. They find it a very difficult task. And especially students find it most difficult to get up early in the morning. Students have a very busy routine. They have to study late till night and sometimes even have improper sleep patterns which make it difficult for them to be an early riser. There are innumerable advantages of waking up early in the morning. When you wake up early in the morning you find peace and silence which have a very positive effect on your mind.

There is no traffic or loud noise and you find a quiet moment to relax and fresh up your body and mind. The silence and quietness of early morning gives you a chance to hear your thoughts and bring your internal creativity out. When you have some quiet and silent moments the oxygen level in your brain increases. It also helps to reduce blood pressure and boost your mental health. According to studies by a dissertation editing firm, you have more positive thoughts in the morning. When you wake up early you have plenty of time to think, plan and organize your day. And as a result, you become more productive.
Whereas when you wake up late you don’t get enough time to plan how to start your day, instead you are constantly in a hurry to finish tasks. And things get haphazardly making your day more hectic and tiring. Psychologically when you wake up early, your mind gives you vibes to treat yourself with a good breakfast. You have enough time to prepare a nutritious breakfast and eat it properly.

Nutritionists suggest don’t skipping breakfast and always having a healthy and proper breakfast if you want to start an energetic day. When you eat properly in the morning your metabolism gets strong, you stay focused and energetic, cholesterol level decreases, less chances of heart attack and diabetes, reduces obesity, better mood and positive thinking. When you don’t eat properly in the morning, your routine for the whole day gets disturbed and you will be less energetic and exhausted. According to research, when you wake up early, your abilities to think critically and solve problems get improved and you become more creative. Your brain starts functioning properly and increases your memory and attentiveness. As a result your performance gets better.

When you sleep on time you have a deep and sound sleep which increases blood supply in your muscles, repairs your bones and tissues, makes cellular corrections, lowers the blood pressure and relaxes your muscles and tissues. That is why you are more fresh and healthy when you wake up early after a deep sleep. Getting up early also affects your beauty and appearance. When you are tired you look less attractive. If you are a student you burn the midnight oil and then struggle to spare time for sleep. This not only affects your health as discussed above but also has a serious impact on your grades. Studies have proven that students who wake up early have better results and higher GPA due to better analytical thinking abilities, time management, focus and concentration. Early risers procrastinate less than night owls. When you sleep too much there is a higher risk of depression. And if you sleep late at night and wake up early you have more negative thoughts.

How to Be an Early Riser:
You don’t need to make dire extreme changes. You just need to set your alarm 10 to 15 minutes early on a weekly basis. If you are in the habit of waking up late at night due to workload, you have to sacrifice your one day work and get to bed early. This will be your first step to become an early riser, as early to bed, early to rise. Always put your alarm clock away from your bed, so that you have to leave the bed to turn the alarm off. Don’t go back to bed after switching off your alarm. 

It might be difficult to change your habit and force yourself to do a hard thing, but every task needs a first step to be taken. Find motivators for yourself. Give yourself time. Do exercise regularly. Utilize this time in a positive way. Use this time to plan about your day. You are more fresh and active in the morning; you can use morning time for revising your lessons or practicing a difficult course. But that all totally depends on how you feel more comfortable doing things in the morning.

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