What Punctuation Marks to Use in University Assignments?

University Assignments
Are you facing difficulty in using punctuation marks in your assignment? And you do not know what punctuation marks are mostly used in university assignments? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you have come to the right place. In today's article, we will talk about what punctuation marks are, what is their importance in assignments, and where to use them. So, let's start today's discussion with the question below:

What are punctuation marks?

Punctuation is the use of spaces and conventional signs to aid the reader's in reading the written text. Punctuation marks are the signs that writers use in their writings. Using these marks is necessary for an assignment because one misplaced mark can alter the meaning of your sentence. Some typical punctuation marks are commas, periods, full stops, colons, semi-colons etc.

Why using punctuation marks is important?

Punctuation marks fill any writing with a proper tone. In your writing, sometimes you need to take a pause, emphasise something, or question something. To do this, you use different signs like a full stop, exclamation or question mark. These signs are important to use because failure to do so can completely change the meaning of the whole sentence. It also serves the purpose of disambiguating the sentences.

What punctuations are mostly used in an assignment?

From the discussion above, you know what these marks are and what is their importance in any writing. Now, let's look at some of the most used marks in university assignments as shared by experts of university assignment writing services. You will also learn when to use those marks in the assignment. Hence, a brief description of the punctuation marks explaining their usage is as follows:


The symbol of this mark is (.). The writers use this punctuation mark when the statement is complete. It is sometimes also used after abbreviations.

Question mark.

As the name suggests, this mark (?) is used when the writer asks some questions in the assignment.


Denoted by (!), this punctuation mark is mostly used when the writer needs to emphasise something, e.g., Yes, we won!


The comma is used for the separation of ideas and elements within one single sentence of university assignments. The symbol of this mark is (,).


This punctuation mark has multiple uses. The writers use this when explaining something or giving an example. It is also used after a word introduces a quotation.


The symbol of this sign is (;). This sign is used to connect two independent clauses.


Dash has two main uses. The en dash is used to show the range, i.e., 1930-1945. The em dash is generally a long one used in place of a comma and colon.


It is used to join two or more words to make a compound word, e.g., back-to-back.


The use of punctuational marks is necessary for university assignments to convey the text's actual meaning. The names of these marks can be different based on the American and British versions of English, but the usage is the same. Hence, the above-mentioned are the most widely used punctuation marks in assignments. Read them carefully and use them accordingly in your assignments.

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